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Cyberstalking Expert Jennifer Perry gives advice

On Wednesday 21st November Jennifer launched her new company called

It is a security service for victims of stalking and harassment.

Safer Settings helps victims who are being stalked, harassed, or bullied via Facebook.

Facebook is often used as a tool to harass, intimidate or humiliate victims. Safer Settings is a new service that changes a victim's Facebook settings to increase their privacy and to help stop an abuser accessing their information.

Facebook offers useful security features, but there are too many settings and the options are too difficult for most users to find, understand or use. There are in excess of 150 security related options - over 60% of those have a default option that that can increase the harassment and put victims at risk.

Currently in beta test, so victims will need a referral code which they can get from participating police and domestic violence services, the Network for Surviving Stalking or from

If your or your department would like to give victims referral codes to join the beta test then please use the following:


1073 + county + organisation. 
Example: 1073essexpolice or 1073lancashiredv


Please see the  attached a flyer that explains the service and the referral codes.


To contact Jennifer or find out more information about her products please visit: www.Safer-Settings.Com

You can follow me on  Jennifer on twitter:


Product Information: How can Safer Settings help

  • We can hide your sensitive information on Facebook
  • Select the best options to improve your security and privacy
  • Provide you will useful information and videos on how to use some of the most powerful Facebook security features.
  • We will email you when Facebook makes important changes and advise you what to do.


What do you do?

The service only changes settings – it does not amend, delete, or add any content.

You will still be able to interact with your friends, see your friends' information, post, and respond to comments.

You can select between two levels of security: Private or Very Private


  • This setting hides information that could pose an immediate risk.
  • Changes the “friends of friends” or "public" settings to only “friends”.
  • Reduces the amount of information that Facebook shares with other organisations.


Very private 

  • This setting hides most of the information available about you.
  • Stops people from being able to find you using either Facebook or search engines.
  • Reduces the amount of information that Facebook shares with other organisations.